The Sani-Sport equipment cleaning technology is used by the NHL, NFL, CFL and MLB. Sani-Sport significantly reduces harmful bacteria, including antibiotic resistant superbug MRSA, in a short, 15-minute cycle. 


Sports Equipment

Sani-Sport is the most efficient process for significantly reducing bacteria in protective gear and athletic equipment. It's recommended that athletic gear be sanitized professionally on a monthly basis.

Cleaning your sports equipment regularly has several benefits. Your equipment will smell better, last longer and will be free from bacteria, mold, fungus and allergens.


Not Just Sports

Any item can be sanitized using this waterless process.

  • Stinky shoes & boots
  • Skates, ski & snowboard boots, gloves
  • Dance shoes
  • Flippers, wet suit, mask
  • Boxing & martial arts gear
  • Police and Fire pants, jacket, vest, boots, helmet
  • Soccer cleats and shin guards
  • Baseball glove, helmet, cleats, chest protector, mask
  • Motocross helmet, chest guard, gloves, pants, boots, shin guard
  • Costumes, cushions, pillows, pet beds, orthopedic braces, prosthetics, life jacket