Coin Laundry

Self-Serve Coin Laundry is available during our open hours. A bill and coin changer is available to provide loonies and quarters. We also offer PayRange Pay by Phone for some of our machines.

Top Load_092017.JPG

Top Loading Washers

Top loading washing machines provide a traditional and familiar option.  These units typically use more water and energy than front load units but provide easier access to load and unload clothing. 

Load Size - Single load @ $2.50
Count - 4

Front Load_092017.JPG

Front Loading Washers

Front loading washing machines allow for larger loads, use less water, and use less energy due to the tumble action.  It is recommended to use a mesh bag for smaller items since they can get stuck in the rubber seal.

Load Sizes - Single load @ $2.25, 1 1/2 @ $3.00, Triple @ $4.50
Count - 16



Dryers use natural gas and are more efficient than typical electric units. Each drum can hold a double load and takes about 24-30 minutes to dry.

Load Size - Double @ $0.25 for 5 minutes
Count - 12